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4 Things You Should Know Before Calling For A Quote

Mar 23, 2015

Long before we screenprint or embroider a product, we get questions from prospective clients who wish to request a price quote for an order of t-shirts, polos, jackets, hats or pens for their organization, team or business. Here’s a short list that will help make the process a little easier.


1)    What color do you want to print on and what colors do you want to use for your decoration? Having a general idea of what sort of color palette you would like for your decoration and garments can help distinguish which product lines would work best for your needs. Do you want to print on white or on color? Screenprinting prices can vary depending on what color you wish to print on.


2)    How many items are you looking to purchase? We generally require a minimum of 12 items to place an order for a new client. After that, the choice is yours. Many of our vendors offer price breaks when you order large quantities, so having an idea of how many items you would like to order helps us to give you the best and most accurate pricing.


3)    Do you already have art for your decoration or would you like us to design your decoration? Providing an image or art file can help us estimate the cost to set-up your image for screenprinting or embroidery. It can also assist us by knowing what sort of garments or products may work best for your request. Having an art file can reduce the cost of your request since it eliminates the cost to create an art file from scratch. St. Croix Screenprinting provides art design services and has a graphic artist in house. See our website for more information on what is an accepted art file.


4)    What is the requested due date for your order? Providing us with a requested delivery or due date for your order will help us in selecting product availability as well as maximizing production and pricing options.


Having answers to these questions will make your quoting process go much smoother!


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